The Energy Saving Trust

Our brief was to make The Energy Saving Trust become recognised as the place to go to for impartial advice on how to stop wasting energy. In order to create more awareness and increase customer contact with the website and advice centres, we helped develop a nationwide consumer campaign that highlighted the organisations approachability and expertise.

To help achieve this objective an Energy Savings Trust spokesperson ‘Dave’ was developed. He was the star of the campaign, showing how everyone can do more to stop wasting energy and money. We also developed a complete graphic menu which included illustrations of a series of street scenes and other environments. We created a suite of material for the advice centres to distribute to the public and specific technical literature aimed at retailers, architects, builders and industry. We also produced brand identity guidelines, which included recommendations for advertising, print, exhibitions and digital applications. Following the launch, we worked closely with The Energy Saving Trust’s roster of design agencies, advising on the brand and marketing implementation.


Dave - the campaign spokesperson

Brand guidelines